Our in-gym training is a hybrid program that pulls time-tested methods from the world’s best in a variety of disciplines. Nothing is extraneous. Everything is intentional.  Each and every component of our programs serves a purpose; there is no "filler."

We take pride in developing our programs in-house. Each cycle is crafted with care, always with the goal of building athletes that are stronger, faster, and harder to kill.

Our individual cycles range from 3-16 weeks in duration. Each cycle has a specific goal and purpose, and we often test our athletes before and after a cycle to measure results.

There are two primary concepts behind our programming.

1. Progression

As athletes move through cycles, we use the concept of progressive overload to force the body to adapt to the increasing amounts of stress. In lay man’s terms, "progressive overload" is simply the gradual increase of stress (weight, time, distance, etc.) placed on the body during training.

2. Periodization

Periodization is the process of categorizing training into discrete, quantifiable blocks of time. By periodizing our training, cycles are broken into multiple blocks. Depending on where we are at in the year we may be improving, recovering, or just maintaining our fitness. 

Our training is hard, but intelligent.  We do not believe in extremely high volumes, training at maximal intensity daily, or putting your body at risk of injury in exchange for having your name on a leader board.

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